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          56041 Van Dyke Avenue, Shelby Twp., MI 48316

          Roofing Company Shelby Township MI

          Seal Tight Construction is that amazing roofing company you’ve probably seen located on Van Dyke, just north of 24 Mile on the West side of the road. Or you may have seen that cool new roof on your neighbors house in and around Shelby Twp, Michigan. We’ve been installing and repairing roofs for Shelby Township home owners as well as doing commercial roofs for Shelby Township area businesses for the past 20+ years. Our work in Shelby Township community is quite literally impressive!

          Shelby Township Michigan Sign

          If you’re a Shelby Township resident or own a Shelby Township business and want a new roof or need a roof repair near you, we’re the guys for the job — call us today at (586) 781-9400.

          Shelby Township Michigan Roofing Coupons

          Roof Company Shelby Township
          Roof Company Shelby Township Michigan

          We also offer a variety of other services, other than just roofing to improve the look of your Shelby Township property. We do Vinyl Siding, Attic Insulation, Attic Ventilation, Seamless Gutters and Replacement Windows. Call us today at (586) 781-9400 to find out more about these other services, including Roofing Repairs, Vinyl Siding Repairs and Seamless Gutter Repairs.

          Shelby Township, MI Roofing Company Service Area Map

          Do you live or have a business located in the area of the Shelby Township map shown below? If so, we’ve installed hundreds of new roofs most likely on your neighbors house or just down the street. We can install a new roof on your home or simply repair the one you already have. Call us today at (586) 781-9400 and get a quick no-cost estimate on what an amazing new roof will run you right down to the penny. Plus, when we come out to your home, you’ll know first hand why many folks call us the best roofing company in Southeast Michigan!

          We install and repair roofs within the three Shelby Township, Michigan zip codes of 48315, 48316, 48317. Call us today for a free new roof estimate at (586) 781-9400 or fill out the quick roofing quote form online.

          Roofing Company Shelby Township MI